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What is chiropractic? How do you find a chiropractor in Avondale that is right for you?

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Dr Kukurin, Avondale chiropractor at his chiropraqctic clinic
Hope and Help For People Suffering From Neuropathy - Integrative Neurology
There are only a few drugs FDA approved for the treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy. That is why more and more patients are turning to alternative medicine techniques like low level laser therapy and acupuncture. Integ...

What Is New in Improving Balance and Preventing Falls?
Loss of balance, dizziness and unsteadiness can lead to dangerous falls, particularly in the elderly. New research into the body's balance network is helping to improve rehabilitation efforts and is improving fall prevention ...

 provides updated news on recent developments related to chiropractic and chiropractors for Avondale AZ residents.
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Avondale chiropractor, Dr George W Kukurin

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